Men’s global fashion trends

Style | Author: Nikita Ze

Nikita Ze — stylist, men’s style assistant 

Men’s global fashion trends    

Trends that I want to discuss today are not so obvious at first glance as, say, seasonal popularity of neon yellow or galligaskins fashion. However, the lifespan of these tendencies is dozens of times longer than the fleetingness of the latter.Every season fashion, as a cultural phenomenon or as a super successful industrial process, captures more and more of men’s hearts, whether there are approving likes for the presentation of the new design collection or a man’s real love to his new W. Gibbs leather brogues. Men have become much more interested in fashion, their individual style and its rules. 

Trend №1 — Desire

Men’s desire to look their best came with understanding why they need it. Career plans, social status, ability to be individual. “Clothes don’t make the man” is true at all times, where your appearance is your feature, which occasionally does not require any comments. Why does the inner aspiration of people suddenly become a trend? This is probably due to the lack of this component in men’s fashion both locally (if talking about Russia) and globally. Today we feel this wind of change as a result of global changes in the social and cultural life of people. 

Men’s global fashion trends. OSSMA Magazine

Service. Atelier. Source:

Trend №2 — Individualisation

I would highlight this trend as it has so large-scale nature, and it has covered many industries including, for instance, interior design or car tuning. In the era of modern world globalisation people are starting to realise the value of individuality, seeking to remind themselves and the world about personal identity. Returning to men’s fashion, I would note that many today’s brands (I am not talking the luxury segment, it is about brands having average price policy and the mass market) have realised that the fight for the client may be won when using individual approach (service), i.e., stylist and atelier services, individual tailoring as well as expansion of the size chart from XS to XXXL sizes. For example, atelier services of such brands as Massimo Dutti, Henderson and Uniqlo are especially popular. As for niche brands, specialising, for instance, in shoes or hats, and are growing in their numbers, they prefer working according to the individual tailoring measurements, and making their products in a single copy.
In turn, the clients (men) discover these services in a new way, clearly realising benefits that they will receive as a result. The suit that perfectly fit you and the fabric chosen by yourself are absolutely beyond the comparison with finished goods. 

Trend №3 — Techwear

This trend is about clothes only. I think it is one of the most obvious for men. Finally, we are talking about technology, innovative materials and even gadgets. Here the information, electronic and Internet technologies corporations come into play, collaborating with clothing and accessories brands. For example, google and Levi’s teamed up to create a project Jacquard jacket with a touch-sensitive interface, which recognises human gestures. Also, Chinese Xiaomi and Runmi Technology have released a smart heated jacket.
Men’s fashion came to the idea of conceptuality with help of modern technologies. Thus, it attracts much more attention, whereas the popularity of techwear with new designs and models will rise more and more.

Men’s global fashion trends. OSSMA Magazine

Techwear #xiaomi 

Trend №4 — Play with masculinity

In contrast to the previous, this trend is not that clear to the majority of men. Fashion is a rapid process, and while I was providing you with the example for the second trend, mentioning the perfect suit, fashion has already managed to proclaim a new manifesto, so, in reality the classic men’s style does not have so much time to live. Streetwear, being a first wave of changes, proves this with its oversized hoodies and chunky sneakers, which brought tangible changes to the regular trio that includes suit, classic coat and boots, giving us love to the sporty chic style (e.g., recent interest in tracksuits of the “Gentlemen” movie characters).

Men’s global fashion trends. OSSMA Magazine

Play with masculinity.

Currently we are observing a second wave, which will affect the traditional classics even more than the previous one in the form of gender-neutral clothing that breaks up the stereotypes. It is not about unisex T-shirts and jeans, it is about rather bold and contradictory men’s dresses, “men’s” variations of iconic women’s bags, high heels, etc. This trend has many origins and reasons from the fight against gender stereotypes to an exclusively marketing background of major brands. But this topic is for separate conversation that requires detailed and objective thinking.

To conclude, I should note that all trends covered here will remain the basic ones for the emergence of many other microtrends becoming milestones in the history of men’s fashion development.